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Greetings Brothers and Sisters,

We need change. This page is intended to be a tool to facillitate change. It is intended to be the portal for an exchange of information, education, & unification.

    We will be directing members to this site. The level of participation can be tracked (anonymously) so we can measure our effectiveness

    Surveys: the right column will have occaisional survey's to assess and focus on issues.

    Feedback forms: 1) An opportunity to suggest items for website, and 2) give anonymous information about issues or events inside your facillity.

    Handouts and flyers: These can be for personal use or printed and passed to others: The union has a right to distribute leaflets and flyers in non-working areas at non-working times (i.e. - breaktime, changehouse, lunchtime).

    Twitter: Sign up for twitter and follow IAM_LL_2379 on your smart phone or get the latest posts on this page.

    Facebook: Visit IAM&AW Local Lodge 2379 FaceBook Page

    Political: This is where the power comes from.... This is how we won the rights we have.




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NEW! September 2015 Evergreen Leader

The Evergreen Leader is a quarterly publication by District 160.

NEWS - Feb 4, 2011

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December 3 @ 7pm

Executive Board @ 6pm

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