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General Membership @ 7pm

Executive Board meets @ 6pm

First Thursday of each month unless a holiday falls on the week of the meeting. Meeting is moved to second Thursday in event this happens.

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2064 Vista Drive
PO Box 2569
Ferndale, WA 98248
(360) 380-2569

Whatever it Takes!

Member Tip: Your Role in Organizing

There are two reasons for you to become personally involved in organizing activity outside of your workplace. First, a healthy, effective union is one in which the members pitch in to do the work, greatly increasing the people-resources of the union. Second, no matter how skilled professional union staff may be—if there is one at all—there is an extra measure of credibility when an already-organized employee speaks directly to an unorganized worker about day-to-day experiences. The successes of member-to-member organizing are clear: one study issued by the AFL-CIO, for example, documents that unions win representation elections in 73 percent of the organizing drives conducted by ordinary members but in only 17 percent of those conducted by professional staff.
—Adapted from The Union Member's Complete Guide, by Michael Mauer

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What is Organizing is and why we do it

"The goal of the IAM Organizing Department is to bring the benefits of union representation and a strong labor union to working men and women throughout North America. Corporate greed and the declining standard of living for working families require that organizing remain Priority One in the IAM. In addition, the anti–union efforts of the business community and their friends in the government and courts, continue to undermine our ability to organize. This is why the Committee on Organizing, at the 1996 Grand Lodge Convention, called for all levels of the IAM to redouble their efforts to organize unorganized workplaces, to sign up members in open shops, and to foster affiliations with independent unions." - from the IAM Circular #768 "Organizing the IAM"


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Organizing Committee

Glenn R. Farmer
Agustin Galindo
Nathan Maddux
Bob Jones

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